Hutten & Shevock Field Guide to Bryophytes

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  • Anthelia juratzkana (Limpr.) Trevis
  • Scarce Silverwort
  • Leafy
  • Succubous bilobed
  • It is not the liverwort that has a silver color, it is the fungus that grows on its leaves that give it its powerery bluish-green silvery look! While it is supersmall, one can easily find little patches of this liverwort by just walking around in its habitat. It does stand out under the hand lens also, its one of our very few bilobed isophyllous species. Herbertus aduncus is the only other one, and it couldn't be more different.
  • Late snowmelt areas at high elevation. Occasionally banks of stable creeks, and probably lakeshores.
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